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AMW financial support

VI Young Horn Player Academy can take place thanks to the financial support of the Center for Artistic Education in Warsaw. We would like to thank the sponsors for their help, thanks to which we can make the festival even more attractive.

We ask companies, institutions and individuals to consider the possibility of supporting our event by making a donation for educational purposes AMW 2023. Please transfer the payment to the account of the State Music School Complex in Katowice:

ZPSM, 40-887 Katowice, ul Ułańska 7b NBP branch in Katowice
PL 87 1010 1212 3175 7313 9134 0000 (IBAN code: NBPLPLPW)

with the necessary note that the purpose of the donation is to support AMW 2023.

We assure you that the donated funds will be intended only for festival participants (prizes, gifts, etc.). In exchange for support, we provide broadly understood advertising – information, banners, links to donors.

Companies interested in advertising, please contact us by e-mail to determine the details of cooperation.