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TVP3 KatowiceOn March 23, 2023, the regional TVP3 Katowice station broadcast a “live” program Pokój na poddaszu (Room in the attic). Host – Anna Drynda talks to the organizers of the 6th edition of the Young Horn Player Academy. The guests of the program are dr hab. Damian Walentek and dr Waldemar Matera from the Academy of Music in Katowice.




AMW 2014

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TVP ABC - television for young musiciansTVP ABC – thematic channel of Polish Television designed for children broadcast on 7.06.2015 at 15:50 program from the series of Petersburski Music Show.

Its creators invited the Young Horn Quartet of the Young Horn Player Academy to participate:

  • Michał Mocek – PSM I st. in Jaworzno
  • Leon Jastrzębski – ZSM in Dąbrowa Górnicza
  • Martyna Kielan – OM in Mykanów
  • Martyna Jamrozik – PSM in Strzelce Opolskie

The band was prepared for the performance by Jerzy Ślęzak.

 Horn Quartet of the Young Horn Horn Academy
 AMW Quartet - rehearsals for recording

Horn Call - French horn magazine The periodical of the International Horn Society published information about AMW 2014 in the February 2015 issue of Horn Call.
AMW in Horn Call - an American magazine for horn players

Correspondence to the organizers:  

I would like to thank the organizers for the wonderful organization of the II Horn Festival where I could show my skills. Thank you very much for your kind words of appreciation. See you in 2016 and I think it will be even better.

Bartosz 🙂

On behalf of ourselves and our son, we would also like to thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful project as the Academy of Young Horn Player. The performance in the choir was a great experience for our son, he kept telling everyone that the choir was “great” and he is looking forward to the next one. Although the next Academy is only in two years, we already declare our willingness to participate in this noble project.

Leon with his parents

Welcome, we also thank you very much for your warm welcome. It was great and we hope to meet again in two years…

Marzena and Sergiusz


Hello! I write that I wonder if this year there will be an Academy of Young Horn Player. This festival made me very interested and I hope that I will be able to perform there, but I have not come across any information about this year’s edition, although I often go to the ‘’ website. Will there also be a festival this year?


Bartosz, in 2015 we do not organize the Festival – it takes place every two years, we cordially invite you to the 2016 edition.


AMW 2012

Small horn player

Correspondence to the organizers:

Thank you for a great party. We are very happy that we could take part in it. Great atmosphere and an unprecedented thing, so many small horn players in one place… Congratulations on the idea and great organization of the 🙂

Thank you for organizing the Academy of the Little Horn Player. The festival presented a very high level both in terms of organization and performance. In my opinion, he contributed significantly to the development of my French horn class. Thank you and best regards.
The organization of this festival is a hit. My son performing there got wind in his sails 🙂 Revelation.
A very successful event! Many thanks to all the Organizers and especially to Mrs. Ślęzaka for the performance of the orchestra of young horn players. Greetings from Lodz. We hope – see you next time.
Thank you very much for the invitation to participate in the Little Horn Artist’s Academy. For us parents it is a great joy to be able to admire their little horn players. For them, an opportunity to present their skills, get to know a circle of musicians and new colleagues. Our son Kacper is very happy (“charged” with positive energy) – it was his first performance. Once again, thank you very much, congratulations on a great idea and excellent organization of the event.
Joanna and Slawomir

We are very pleased that we decided to participate in this festival. It was nice, nice. Impressions will remain for a long time. Sergiusz was delighted to see his peers who, like him, have the opportunity to play such a beautiful, albeit difficult, instrument. Great party, great idea and hopefully so on…. I hope that next time Bialystok will come in a strengthened line-up, because we will praise you here to the heavens …

Thank you very much for your kindness, for the wonderful atmosphere and for putting so much heart so that these little kids could love their passion for the instrument even more through this event. My little one said that he wants to become a musician in the future, irrevocably (although so far he has said that only an athlete).