The Young Horn Player Academy Festival was organized thanks to the financial support of the Center for Artistic Education. Sponsors will also support us:

ZM Concept

ZM Concept from Bydgoszcz (Poland) – is not only a music store with a wide selection of wind instruments and accessories. It is also a service that will take care of the perfect condition of your instrument. The ZM Concept company has been supporting the Young Horn Player Academy since its first edition.

RDK Serwis

RDK Service Ryszard & Dariusz Kowalczyk – Wind Instrument Repair. It is a small, family-owned company from Luboń near Poznań (Poland). It performs major repairs, ongoing corrections, maintenance, minor repairs, silver plating, gilding of small elements and varnishing.

Thank you!

The organizers would like to thank all participants, their parents and teachers for preparing the students. Congratulations to the winners and see you in 2025.